BridgeHealth Medical

With healthcare costs rising every day, finding new ways to manage those costs while continuing to attract and retain the best talent can be a difficult task for employers to conquer. BridgeHealth Medical can help achieve this task with innovative programs that focus on the costs associated with a variety of surgeries. BridgeHealth Medical enhances traditional medical benefits and guides members to the highest quality of surgical care available.

So what does this mean for you? By using a BridgeHealth network provider, your clients will receive an array of benefits that will not only reduce healthcare costs, but will also save on out-of-pocket costs that they wouldn’t normally consider.


BridgeHealth Benefits

• Help members make informed decisions when considering surgery

• Educate and proactively steer plan members to the highest quality of providers

• Reimbursement of travel, lodging, and meal expenses for non-local surgeries

• Doesn’t replace current healthcare benefits

• Reduces complications during processing

• Detailed documentation of potential providers

BridgeHealth is focused on helping the plan sponsor and their plan members manage and control costs associated with surgeries. Surgery Benefit Management programs engage the plan members, help them to make informed decisions when considering surgery, and guide them to the best combination of cost and quality.

The result is lower costs for the plan and better overall quality for the plan members. Your client’s medical benefits will be enhanced and healthcare costs will be significantly reduced. BridgeHealth Medical is dedicated to the idea that better quality healthcare can be achieved at lower costs than we are experiencing today. It is that dedication that leads not only to their suite of benefit management services, but also to the customer service and care coordination for which BridgeHealth Medical is known.

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