Did you know that End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) is the only medical diagnosis that qualifies an individual for Medicare, regardless of their age, after a 33-month period?  Also, approximately 65% of all patients are treated by just two large provider organizations. These organizations mainly receive Medicare funding, which limits the payment to a fraction of the cost of actual care, forcing the monthly charges for others to as much as 1810% of what Medicare allows for the same services.

Through Dialysis PPO Cost Containment, employers regain leverage to control these costs and continue offering high-quality coverage to plan members.  Here are a few of the benefits of adding the Dialysis PPO:

Benefits for Plan Members

1. Better coverage in their time of need
2. More stability and security through vital health coverage needs
3. Establishment of a defined fee schedule for dialysis services

Benefits for Employers

1. Works along side cost-effective Self-Funded plans
2. Reduces costs by approximately 80% after just 3 months of treatment
3. Average client savings of $485,000 per ESRD case each year
4. Gives small business employers bargaining leverage even with very few ESRD plan members

Benefits for Brokers

1. Administratively simple modification to health plans
2. Zero legal issues since inception in 2006, which means savings of over $50M for your clients
3. PPO support means less mess for brokers and better products to offer your clients

The cost of dialysis treatment has increased as much as 80% over 3 years and it is time to talk to your clients about adding Dialysis PPO to their benefit plans.  Contact BPA about Dialysis PPO for more information on how this can work with your plan.

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