The Benefits of Using Patient Care

Patient Care is a leading national advocacy company with over 1.6 million members as of 2013. Founded in 2001, they set out with a goal to help people navigate through the complicated and expensive world of healthcare and insurance.  By partnering with Patient Care, BPA is able to provide your clients with the answers they need when it comes to making decisions about their healthcare options. Through outstanding service by keeping your clients informed, Patient Care is your client’s advocate. Here are three benefits that standout through our partnership with Patient Care: 



Patient care advocates for your clients in areas such as resolution of inappropriately paid or denied claims, understanding their medical plan and how to use it, and sorting out the difference between HRAs, FSAs and HSAs.  They can also answer questions regarding prescription drug coverage, Rx formulary, and available benefits.



Patient Care helps your clients to be savvy shoppers of medical care.  Understanding the costs for care helps them to make informed, sound decisions about where to go and what procedures are appropriate and not appropriate.  By being informed, Patient Care has found that average employee savings is $259 and average employer savings is $899.  This transparency helps keep claim costs down, which in turn, helps to keep the overall cost of insurance rates lower.


Outstanding Service

Reducing HR time, satisfying members, and creating more informed consumers starts with service. Patient Care data from 2013 shows that 95% of calls were answered within only thirty seconds. Your clients aren’t being transferred through an automated phone system; instead they connect with a live person and are able to get straight to the point to get the answers they need. Patient Care successfully assists clients with navigating through the healthcare system through their dedication to great service.


BPA’s goal is to offer clients only the latest information and best services. Through our partnership with Patient Care, clients receive an informed and transparent view of how the healthcare system works and an advocate who works hard to help resolve issues. Visit our website for any further questions regarding Patient Care or contact us today!


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