What a Third Party Administrator Has to Offer

There are several benefits to choosing a third-party administrator instead of other fully-insured options. In today’s changing health care market, many companies are looking for experienced guidance and direction to find the best option for their group. A Third-Party Administrator can help brokers select the appropriate coverage and cost options to fit their clients’ unique needs.

After the right plan is implemented, TPA’s can offer additional services to educate and support brokers, employers, and group members.

Your TPA should make health care access easier: Information at your fingertips should include a physician database that can provide you and your members with telephone numbers and e-mail addresses for doctors throughout the U.S.

Your TPAs should keep you up to date: We all want to be informed about the latest in health care and insurance news.   Choose a TPA that has a progressive website, informative electronic newsletters and a contact channel to answer pertinent questions in a timely manner.

TPAs may provide interactive tools: TPA’s should be able to give you and your members immediate access to tools that can quickly educate on services available, individual coverage and claims information, and a wellness program.

Consider choosing a third party administrator to help you find the best coverage and lowest-cost care plans for your clients and back it up with high-quality ongoing service.

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