Integrated Behavioral Health with American Health Holding

Over the years, mental health and substance abuse (MH/SA) disorders and treatments have become more prevalent in the field of healthcare. In 2005, the United States spent $135 billion on MH/SA treatments, or 7.3% of the $1.85 trillion spent on all healthcare services that year.1 From 2004 to 2010, annual mental health services expenditures in the U.S. rose from $93 per person to $120, a 29% increase.2 And by 2020, it is estimated that MH/SA disorders will become the major cause of disability worldwide, greater than all other physical diseases.3 Obviously, MH/SA disorders and their treatments (and their costs) are of consequence to everyone, not the least of which are Plan Administrators.

American Health Holding (AHH)—provider of quality, cost saving medical management services to millions—wants to help its clients and members face this growing need for comprehensive and cost effective MH/SA treatment. To this end, AHH has partnered with CuraLinc Healthcare to offer their Integrated Behavioral Health (IBH) program. Through this program, AHH is not only able to provide more effective treatment to members with MH/SA disorders but also more effective cost-saving options to clients.

The IBH program works by offering the organizational benefits of an employee assistance program and the cost-management features of a managed behavioral health program. The result is a unique product that addresses the rising need for mental health treatment while reducing unnecessary MH/SA claims, increasing utilization efficiency and promoting early diagnosis of MH/SA conditions. This means a more efficient company with more productive employees.

AHH’s IBH program offers members and clients many valuable features. Through the employee assistance program, members can receive short-term counseling for many issues, such as addictive behaviors, anxiety, depression, stress management and substance abuse. This assistance program also offers dependent care referrals, use of web-based services and free legal and financial consultation. The managed behavioral health portion of the IBH program provides clients with valuable features as well, from comprehensive behavioral health assessments to post-referral follow ups to coordination with utilization and case management. Finally, because the IBH program is integrated into the third-party administrator’s current health management strategies, the program can complement existing features, such as disease management, health assessments, disability and pharmacy.

The addition of AHH’s IBH program to healthcare plans will provide the tools needed to meet the rising tide of MH/SA cases, treatments and claims. By utilizing this program, Plan Administrators are better prepared to provide employees with effective wellness options while saving time and money in the process. For more information on IBH, contact your BPA representative.



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