IRS Warns of Scam Alert

On September 22, 2016, the IRS and its Security Summit partners issued an alert to taxpayers and tax professionals about false IRS emails that claim to contain tax bills related to the Affordable Care Act. The IRS has received numerous reports of these scam emails from around the country.

The scam involves an official-looking IRS email with an attached CP2000 notice. (CP2000’s are IRS notices indicating tax return income discrepancies.) The email warns the recipient that payment is due and instructions are given for submitting payment to the “I.R.S.” A link to an online payment location is included in the email, as is a post office box address at the “Austin Processing Center.”

Should you receive a CP2000 notice from what appears to be the IRS, keep in mind the following warning signs that this may be fraudulent:

– The notice was sent via email (the IRS sends these to taxpayers through the U.S. Postal Service only, never via email).

– The notice was issued from Austin, Texas.

– The supposed discrepancy is related to the Affordable Care Act and requests information about 2014 coverage.

– The payment voucher lists the letter/number as 105C.

Those receiving this scam email should forward it to and then delete it from their email accounts.

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