Staying Healthy This School Season

The back to school season is quickly approaching, and with that parents’ to do lists grow longer and longer.  Ensuring your child has all the supplies they need is a huge focus during this time.  Another concern is ensuring children stay healthy when they head back to school.  Putting twenty or more students in a confined space where they share everything, including germs, means that your child is at a higher risk of getting sick.  But don’t pull out the plastic bubble just yet – there are several things you can do to prepare your child to stay healthy in the school environment.

– We’ve all been there – you get an urge to sneeze or cough and out of habit you use your hand to cover your mouth or nose.  The only problem is, now you have quite a few germs on your hand that can be easily be spread.  A better way to go about covering a cough or sneeze is to use the bend of your arm because not much is going to come into contact with that part of your body.  Making sure your child knows this trick can be a quick and easy way to ensure germs are not being spread.

– Washing your hands regularly with warm soap and water is a great way to stop the spread of germs.  In addition to this, washing them for the correct amount of time can help cut down on the spread of germs.  Encourage your child to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star or the ABC song in their head while they are washing to make sure they are washing their hands long enough.

– It’s inevitable that there will be times when having your child wash their hands is not possible.  Having hand sanitizer easily available helps for those times when washing their hands isn’t an option.  You can purchase travel size hand sanitizer with clips that can be conveniently placed on your child’s backpack.  Keeping this, along with a travel size package of tissues in their backpack will help keep your child prepared for runny noses in situations like the bus.

– While you can’t catch a cold from the cold, being underdressed in cold temperatures can affect your body’s ability to fight off a cold virus.  Researchers at Yale University completed a study that found the common cold virus is more likely to replicate itself when temperatures are colder.  Being dressed for the season will ensure that your child’s body temperature remains constant.  Be sure that your child always has the appropriate clothing and is prepared for outdoor recess.   

– Summer schedules can tend to be more relaxed than school schedules, which may mean that your dinner or bedtime routine may be different than throughout the school year.  Making sure that your child is getting enough sleep and eating a well balanced diet can make a big difference in keeping them healthy.  Be sure to check your routines during the back to school season to ensure your child is getting enough sleep.

The back to school season is a fun and exciting time for many kiddos across the nation.  Be sure to use some of these tips to make sure your child is ready for a fun and healthy school year!

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