Technology is Transforming Healthcare

The world we are living in is ever changing. This can be greatly attributed to the amount of technology that we use in our daily lives. Technology is evolving at a rate that even ten years ago would have been considered unthinkable. With the introduction of smart phones and other similar devices, information is literally at our fingertips twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. This evolution in technology has impacted all aspects of our lives, including healthcare and the way it is delivered. It has truly begun to transform our healthcare system, making it more efficient and effective for patients.

Not that long ago, the process of visiting your doctor was pretty straightforward. You made an appointment, showed up to see them, and trusted what they had to say. In today’s world, a quick google search of your systems can give you an idea of what is going on before you even walk into the office. In addition to this, several varieties of handheld devices have been implemented into doctor’s offices that allow them to cross check symptoms and medicines. A simple search on these devices lets the doctor double check what they were thinking, as well as make sure you are taking the safest medicine for you.

Technology has also allowed the healthcare system to become more efficient and effective. Things as simple as x-rays are now digitally produced in a way that the image can simply be emailed to the doctor. There is no time waiting to develop the images and then carting that large envelope around, hoping you don’t bend or damage the images. The efficiency of your medical records and charts being stored digitally now allows doctors to share information and get a “big picture” view of your full medical history.

The push to add technology into our healthcare system has also motivated people to become healthier. Wearable devices allow people to track things such as their activity levels, the steps they take in a day, and heart rate. The drive to collect data and compete in health challenges using pedometers and apps on smart phones has changed the way people view exercise. With a click of a button you have endless apps on your phones and tablets to help you track all of this data.

The landscape of healthcare is ever changing largely due to the amount of technology we are able to incorporate into all the processes. Technology has changed the way records are stored all the way to how actual procedures and surgeries take place. While technology can be a bit overwhelming at times, it is truly exciting to think about how far it has allowed us to advance in the medical world.

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