Diversity Improving Health Care

Imagine if you were to go to your local doctor’s office for a regular checkup and it felt cold and unwelcoming from the moment you stepped through the doorway. Would you really want to have your health examined in an office you don’t feel comfortable in? When it comes to feeling safe and welcome, for the healthcare field this is an absolute necessity, especially when it concerns the care of patients. Inclusivity allows for patients to feel like they’re valued and they will be receiving the quality care they need.

Cultivating an environment of inclusivity will be better for patients overall, but how do those in the medical field even begin to do this? To make patients feel more welcome there has to be a structure in place, training to fit that structure, and a diverse staff to care for each and every person they encounter.

Starting with the right structure is the most important place to begin when creating an inclusive environment for any organization, big or small. This structure is essential to taking all of the good intentions an office has for making their patients feel valued and ensuring those intentions are put into practice. Overall, the system that’s put in place must be focused on fostering the right environment for patients. Unfortunately, even the healthcare industry isn’t beyond discrimination, which is why it takes a team of committed staff to ensure their patients receive the care they deserve.

Training your staff to be able to handle the demands of the larger world with regards to serving a diverse community is tough, and will always require continued training. Find an office or hospital that is committed to providing the care that a diverse community needs. They should be able to handle the needs of their patients no matter their ethnicity, nor their background. The price of going to an office that isn’t committed to these practices is far more than the dollar signs on your bill. You risk being seen by staff that isn’t competent to handle the diverse needs of the community they service. This is detrimental to the well-being of the community and the patients in that community because it limits their comfort level and engagement.

One of the most important pieces to consider when searching for an inclusive environment that ensures patients feel welcome and comfortable is having a diverse staff. Diversity has had a proven effect on benefiting cultural effectiveness and addressing inequalities in health care delivery. It’s been found that patients are more inclined to be open with individuals in the healthcare field when they believe those individuals can relate and empathize with whatever the patient is dealing with. A more diverse staff helps make the office’s atmosphere feel more inviting to patients and give them a sense that anyone and everyone is welcome there.

Growing in the area of diversity and inclusivity has become the norm in many fields today and is proving to be beneficial across the board. From establishing a good structure, to hiring diversely, and training properly in inclusivity, getting prepared to handle diversity is a multistep process that an entire team must get on board with. If health care providers continue to increase diversity and inclusivity, we will see an increase in patient care and responsiveness. This benefits the overall community in the area, providing a safe, secure place that residents can turn to when they have health related issues.

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