5 Tips for Sticking to Your Resolutions!

New Year’s brings in new resolutions that more than 40% of all of us think up every single year. We’re already a month into 2019 and I guarantee some of you have already failed and/or given up on the resolutions that you created for yourselves a month ago! Year after year we create new goals that we hope we can achieve, and year after year a large portion of us seems to fail at reaching those goals. Here are five tips that were developed to help you stay on track with achieving your goals:

Set Specific Goals – When we make resolutions with an end goal in mind, are we making those end goals as specific as possible? Specificity in our goals is essential to keep ourselves on track with everything we are hoping to achieve. Instead of setting a goal to lose more weight and eat healthier, our goals should specifically include the plan and timeline behind what we want to do. The best goals are always the ones that are as specific as they possibly can be.

Measure Your Success – How do you know when you’ve reached the level of success that you are hoping to achieve with your resolutions? Once you know the answer to this question, you will know how you are measuring this success. Proper measurement is necessary for keeping you on the right track. Many people give up on their resolutions because they are unsure of the metric by which their success is measured or why it matters. The more accurate the measurement, the higher the likelihood you will have at achieving your resolution.

Be Realistic – Simply put, don’t put too much on yourself all at once. Setting too many goals or setting goals that are too large can cause you to feel overwhelmed and can burn you out rapidly. If you burn out too fast, the chances of you seeing your goals through become slim. Rather than overloading yourself, come up with a list of multiple small goals, that can be achieved over time, that can be built up into reaching a larger goal.

Be Time-sensitive – Time is something that we all have in short supply and for our resolutions time is absolutely vital. Many of us make the excuse that we don’t have the necessary time to reach the goals we set. If we set a realistic amount of time aside for achieving such goals, we have a higher level of success. Goals are important for all of us to have, but without a set plan and a realistic timeline, goals are virtually useless. Rather than creating bland resolutions, we should be setting actionable goals with a timeline in days, weeks, months or even years.

Talk with Others – We all need a support system! Another huge reason that so many of us see failure in the process of trying to achieve our goals is the fact that we don’t have other people to support us. Mental, physical and emotional support from others is important because whether we believe it or not, we will experience challenges, excuse making, and/or moments of weakness throughout our journey of reaching our goals. To avoid failing your resolutions this year, share your journey with others and allow them to help support you through the challenging times ahead.

Overall, there are many different people and opinions behind the development of lists like this one. Everyone wants the “trick” to avoiding failure and succeeding at meeting your goal, and while there are tips that can help, there is no simple fix for such a challenge. We will all run into bumps along the road as we strive to achieve the resolutions that we set at the beginning of every new year. Regardless of what tips you follow or resolutions you set, support from others and good attainable goals will enable you to keep on track for success in 2019!

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