I’ll Have a Mocktail Please!

Has this ever happened to you? You walk into a restaurant to get lunch with a friend and you had fully intended to get a glass of water with your food. However, when the waiter comes to take your order your friend decides to order a cocktail and because of the social situation, you decide to order one as well. Why did you choose to make this decision and would there have been a better choice to be made? Will this drink affect your health goals? Are there other healthy options in place of the cocktail? Your internal questions could be endless.

We are all well aware of the extreme popularity of alcoholic beverages. I mean who hasn’t heard the phrase “dilly dilly” coined by Bud Light? Why is it though that even with all of the issues associated with alcoholic drinks that we still purchase them at an unhealthy rate? Thankfully a growing trend has begun to sweep modern society and it is taking us further and further away from the unhealthy decisions of the past.

Non-alcoholic beverage consumption rates are growing rapidly in modern countries all over the world, and it really isn’t a surprise. As a matter of fact, the industry as a whole is seeing an average steady rate of 2% in annual growth.

Alcohol has made a reputation for its many negative side effects including its attack on the physical and mental well-being of individuals who consume it. With liver damage, heart disease, and excess weight gain, to name only a few issues, there’s no reason that people in this day and age shouldn’t have healthier options available that allow them to make the appropriate choices for their lives and goals.

This year alone we have seen the consequences of substance abuse and mental health issues resulting from addiction, with over 30 percent of all fatalities occurring due to intoxicated driving. Alcohol poisoning alone ends the lives of an average of about 6 people per day.

As a society, we are finally starting to say “no more” to such complex issues. We are taking a stand and we are doing it with choices of non-alcoholic beverages. In modern nations today, we can see a shift in statistics as the alcohol industry begins to steadily decrease and as non-alcoholic drinks have begun increasing rapidly. Thanks, much in part, to the awareness and importance of our overall health, both mental and physical, we are making it known that our society not only expects to see change but wants to be a part of the solution.

Other countries are not as equipped or apt to make such changes in the rates in which we are. In growing nations like India and Indonesia, the alcohol industry is continuing to see an increase in the consumption and sales of alcoholic products. With the growing trend of nonalcoholic beverage consumption in developed nations like the United States and the United Kingdom, the hope is that other nations will follow our example and begin making changes that increase overall health and wellness in their nations. The rise of drinks, like non-alcoholic beer and mocktails, could be the solution we need to an age-old problem of alcohol abuse and high consumption rates.

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