Caring for Your Kidneys

Kidney cancer is on the top ten list of the most common forms of cancer affecting both men and women today. Though it can more often affect individuals that are older in age, typically in their mid-sixties, it is still extremely important to take precautions at any age to help keep your kidneys is their top health. In 2019 alone, kidney cancer will see around seventy-four thousand new cases! Of these, men will be affected nearly twice as much as women, and about twenty percent will end up fatal. These statistics exemplify how serious this disease can be and we need to do everything in our power to prevent it as much as possible. Here are a few dos and don’ts when it comes to the safety and health of your kidneys.

Things to Do
Exercise – Maintaining physical activity is essential to kidney health and can be helpful in boosting other areas that affect your kidneys as well, such as maintaining a healthy weight and stable blood pressure.
Control Your Blood Sugar Level – Since your kidneys are in charge of cleaning waste from your blood, having a high blood sugar level can do serious damage to them over time. Maintaining a stable blood sugar level is extremely beneficial to the overall health of your kidneys.
Eat Healthier – Watching what you eat can make a huge difference in having healthy kidneys. Balanced diets can help prevent diabetes, heart disease, and other issues associated with kidney diseases.
Keep Drinking Fluids – We all know that daily water consumption is important for our overall health, but why does it matter for our kidneys? The fact is, getting enough fluids daily helps your kidneys clear sodium and other toxic waste from your body, which is vital!
Watch Your Blood Pressure – Many of us know that having a high blood pressure can lead to major health issues like stroke or heart attack. However, few of us understand that it is the most common cause of kidney damage. Maintain a healthy blood pressure for the benefit of healthy kidneys.

Things to Avoid
Smoking – There are many issues associated with smoking, but did you know that it is also a big contributor to the health of your kidneys? Smoking slows the flow of the bloodstream to the kidneys which impairs them from functioning as they should. Additionally, smoking increases your risk of having kidney cancer by over fifty percent!
Drinking Alcohol – Much like smoking, we all are aware that drinking alcohol in large quantities is detrimental to our health, but how does it affect our kidneys? Our kidneys are responsible for filtering toxins out of our blood, one of which is alcohol. Too much alcohol over time can cause damage to our kidneys and impair their ability to filter out toxins in our bloodstream. This kind of damage can cause serious issues for our long-term health.
Taking Over-the-counter Pills – Medications even as simple as Ibuprofen, if taken in regular amounts, can cause damage to the kidneys. To mitigate the risk of major kidney issues, we need to consider how much medication we are taking on a regular basis.

While kidney disease and cancer are not completely avoidable, there are many factors to consider in the habits you maintain on a daily basis. Taking care of our bodies and making healthy choices will give us an advantage and limit many potential factors of these diseases. The time to get serious about your kidney health is right now.

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