Preparing for Allergy Season

As the temperatures rise and the flowers begin to bloom, seasonal allergies begin to peak. Over fifty million U.S. citizens each year experience various types of allergies and they are the 6th leading cause of illness. Thanks to the severity of allergies, the annual cost for treatment exceeds well over eighteen billion dollars every single year, and that number is continuing to grow. There’s no question that allergies are a big issue, but what can we do to protect ourselves from our allergies?

1. Treatment: There are many over-the-counter allergy medications available that can help regulate and mitigate the seasonal struggles allergies bring. Pre-treating yourself with such medications can help prevent some of these issues that we see all too often. To keep our bodies in peak physical condition during this time of year we need to be taking the right steps and be proactive in treating such symptoms before they strike.

2. Keep Things Clean: At the peak of allergy season, it is important that you keep your home as clean as possible. Dusting and vacuuming often are vital chores to do to ensure clean air and easy breathing. On top of being efficient with your spring cleaning, there are other measures that need to be taken to maintain the air quality of your home.

3. Keep the Indoor Air Pure: If you suffer from seasonal allergies, one of the most important things you can do is ensure that the air inside of your home stays pure. To do this it is suggested that you replace the air filters in your home a bit more frequently throughout the seasonal months. It is also suggested that you keep your windows closed to prevent allergens from entering your home through the air. By doing these two things and watching the allergen levels outside you can ensure that your air quality remains consistent through this time.

Allergies and allergy season can be difficult to handle. With a large percentage of the population suffering from allergies each year, it is important to be ready. Following these tips and caring for your overall physical well-being will have you better prepared for this time of year as it arrives. Ultimately, if home remedies and preparation aren’t enough to keep you from suffering through your allergies, you need to consult with your doctor.

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