16 Family Activities for an Amazing Summer!

Summertime has finally arrived! Summer brings more sunshine, longer hours in the day, and more family to enjoy it. Are you thinking of the best ways to spend your summer? Here are some ideas we’ve come up with for fun activities that your family will love doing this summer!

● Play at your local park – Burn off energy by spending some time at your local park!
● Visit the pool – Splash into summer while getting active at your local pools!
● Explore a state park – State parks offer fun for the whole family. Explore trails, kayak, or bring your favorite treats to grill out.
● Plant a garden- Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty. Grab your shovels, leftover wood, and some seeds and create your own beautiful garden that will grow for years to come!
● Have a picnic – Pack up your favorite foods, favorite blankets and of course your sunglasses to enjoy a feast for the whole family.
● Go to the zoo – Walking around the zoo is a great way to stay active and entertained this summer season!
● Go canoeing/kayaking – Get out on the water, stay cool, and get a workout in while enjoying the views of the rivers or lakes.
● Go biking – Work those legs by hopping on a bike and traveling around your neighborhood or local park.
● Go fishing – Grab a pole and a few friends and head to the waterside for a fishing challenge! Who can catch the most?
● Visit a museum – Be active and learn! Walk through history while you walk through your local museum.
● Go to a local ballgame – Get your daily dose of Vitamin D while watching your city’s baseball team take home a big WIN!
● Go play mini golf – Make your own family competition while playing mini golf! Who can put the farthest? Who can get the 1st hole-in-one?
● Make sidewalk chalk art – Embrace your inner artist and create a design that all of your family and neighbors can enjoy, until it rains that is!
● Go camping – Get outdoors and breathe in some fresh air while enjoying a night under the stars!
● Visit a local farmers market – Bring home your favorite healthy snacks while supporting your local farmers!
● Organize a family competition in your own backyard – A little competition never hurt anyone, and it can be a way to keep your family active and healthy this summer! Kickball tournaments, cornhole competitions, and backyard volleyball are just some of our favorites.

Regardless of what your family enjoys doing, there are plenty of activities to choose from over the summer. Find an activity that you think is fun and suits your family, then make it happen. There’s no better time than the summer season to get outside, make memories, get some Vitamin D, and enjoy endless hours of family fun.

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