EMS Week Fun Facts!

When you hear an ambulance with its sirens blaring nearby your heart immediately skips a beat. You may be overwhelmed with any number of emotions when you hear such noise. While many of us know what Emergency Medical Services or “EMS” are, we don’t always understand the large scope of what all they do to keep us safe and protected. In honor of Emergency Medical Services week this year, we have compiled a list of interesting facts about EMS that you may not already know.

1. Being an Emergency Medical Services Professional ranks among the most dangerous jobs in America as these individuals are exposed to dangerous situations and illnesses each and every day.

2. Emergency Medical Services is responsible for the care and rapid treatment of about twenty-five to thirty million patients annually.

3. In total, the Emergency Medical Services industry spends nearly seven billion dollars each year on patient care and treatment.

4. Without brave and caring volunteers, many areas across the United States would not be able to receive emergency treatment from EMS Professionals. On top of that, nearly fifty percent of all EMT-Basics are volunteers!

5. Paramedics undergo rigorous training to be certified in multiple forms of life-saving emergency services and total between a thousand and fourteen thousand hours of this training.

6. There are a vast number of roles that Emergency Medical Services Professionals are involved in including, ambulance drivers, helicopter pilots, and other medical occupations.

7. There are four nationally defined levels of Emergency Medical Services Professionals in the United States, Emergency Medical Responders (EMR), Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT), Advanced Emergency Medical Technicians (AEMT) and Paramedics.

8. There are approximately seven hundred thousand EMS workers nationwide!

9. A majority of workers in the Emergency Medical Services profession are men.

10. Numbers of Emergency Medical Services Professionals has been in decline since the events of September 11, 2001.

We would like to say thank you to the vital efforts of these caring individuals who serve us each and every day. The fast actions and bravery of these men and women allow us to live healthier and longer lives. Without Emergency Medical Services, chances of survival from life-threatening instances would drastically decrease and be almost non-existent. Many of us at some time or another will owe our lives to the work that these emergency responders are responsible for, and it is important that we take the time to get to know them and understand the amazing work that they do for all of us!

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