6 Creative Family-Bonding Winter Activities

It is harder to spend time outside with family during the winter months due to severe weather and low temperature. It is time for parents to get creative to think of ways to entertain family and make memories.

If your family is bored of staying inside and doing the same old winter activities, why not give these creative family-bonding winter activities a try?

1. Make snowman suncatcher.

Crafting can be always fun for kids of all ages. Try this DIY suncatcher snowman to place on your window. It’s easy, inexpensive, and fun, and it will look amazing on a sunny winter day!

2. Knit or quilt to donate.

There is no right or wrong time to give back, but blankets would be especially appreciated in the cold months. Start a knitting or quilting project with your family to give to those in need in your community. It will be an awesome experience for the whole family.

3. Make snowman pancakes.

With this activity, you kill two birds with one stone – Build a snowman, and have breakfast too! With pancake batter, bacon, blueberries, icing sugar, orange slices, pretzel sticks, bananas, and cocoa powder, you can build beautiful and delicious snowman pancakes. View the full recipe here.

4. Draw in the snow with colored water in spray bottles.

First, fill a spray bottle with water and add food coloring. Repeat with more spray bottles and colors. Feel free to encourage the kids to test the way the colors mix to create other colors. Your family is now ready to go out to paint their masterpieces on snow!

5. Craft your own advent calendar.

Make this Christmas more special for the family by making a one-of-a-kind advent calendar. Decide on what to fill the calendar with as a family. It can be daily activities, small gifts, ornaments, or messages. Here are some DIY ideas to get you started.

6. Tour your neighborhood’s to see the holiday light displays

On a night with a clear sky, hop into the car and tour around a neighborhood to check out the holiday light displays. Don’t forget to put on some of your family’s favorite holiday tunes and enjoy the drive! Make it more fun by letting the kids pick a winner at the end of the tour.

We hope you have a warm holiday season making amazing memories!

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