7 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day


On April 22, people around the world will be celebrating the 50th annual Earth Day. Every year, Earth Day is a chance to celebrate and a reminder to support our planet’s environmental protection. Whether it’s participating in an organized fundraising event or building a birdfeeder, no act of celebration is too big or too small. Here are some simple and fun ways for you and your family to get in on the worldwide celebration:

1. Unplug – Turn off and unplug all electronics for the day. This goes beyond unplugging lamps and household appliances––consider staying away from television, tablets, and phones. These devices use energy and can be distracting from the beautiful world in which we live.

2. Take the Stairs – Although taking the elevator may be convenient, every elevator ride uses unnecessary energy. Instead of wasting that energy, try using the stairs as often as possible. This will conserve energy and may prove to be a much-needed workout.

3. Pick Up Trash – Litter and garbage can be seen scattered everywhere––ditches, roads, parking lots, and even public parks. Whether it’s walking beside a river or strolling up and down your street, help tidy up the Earth by picking up some of that litter.

4. Donate – Donate your clothes and other belongings in good condition that you no longer want to a local shop or homeless shelter. By donating and not throwing them away, you keep them out of the landfill. You never know who could benefit from your donations!

5. Plant a Garden – No matter how big or how small, try to make a garden! Plant some flowers for a beautiful flower bed or plant some produce to harvest your own vegetables. Whether you’re planting tulips or cucumber seeds, planting a garden can be fun for the entire family.

6. Create a Compost – Turn your waste into fertilizer by starting a compost pile. Using a compost pile keeps your kitchen’s waste out of the landfill and helps your garden grow. By composting your biodegradable food, you’ll be feeding the soil, the soil’s inhabitants, and plants in your yard.

7. Make Art – Use recycled materials to make art. Research fun recycling art projects or create your own masterpiece. Consider using buttons to make an abstract art piece, using flowers to create a nature wreath, or using old bottle caps to make a windchime.

This Earth Day, be sure to take some time to celebrate our planet. Remember, no act of celebration is too big or too small! Regardless of how you choose to celebrate, don’t forget that every day is a good day to appreciate and take care of the beautiful world in which we live – not just Earth Day.

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