How to Get the Most of Online Doctor’s Appointments


Telehealth services have been around for many years, but since the COVID-19 crisis, it became more widely used and easier to understand. Telemedicine benefits many by allowing people to avoid unnecessary contact with other patients, making it easier to fit appointments into busy schedules.

If you are new to virtual doctor appointments, you might be unsure of how they work. But rest easy! Here are tips to make the most of your next online doctor appointment.

What to Prepare in Advance:

1. Paperwork – Contact the doctor’s office and ask what information you need prior to and during the appointment, such as medical history, insurance information, etc.

2. Insurance – Since every insurance is different, consider looking into your insurance policy and coverage information for telemedicine services before making an appointment with your doctor.

3. Symptoms – Keep track of your symptoms in as much detail as possible. Take pictures if possible/applicable. Keeping note of the timing of your symptoms can be helpful as well. Also, make a list of issues you want to address with your doctor, starting from the most important/urgent issue. That way, you can be sure not to miss anything making your appointment more efficient.

4. Routines – Be ready to share your routines, such as activities, medicines you have been taking, etc.

More Helpful Tips:

1. If available, utilize the mobile app for added convenience. Some apps will let you make appointments, get prescriptions, process billing, and communicate with your healthcare providers.

2. It might not always be possible but try your best to call from a quiet place with a steady internet connection.

3. Bring someone with you to the appointment, if you need. We suggest a family member or a friend who can be there to listen with you and help out if needed.

4. Virtual visits can replace physical visits in some cases, but you may need to see the doctor in person for further examinations. If you have an emergency or are asked by your doctor to visit in person, do not hesitate to do so.

In recent days, telehealth service could prove to be more convenient and much safer for you and those around you. With these tips, we hope your next virtual visit is helpful and goes smoothly.

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