What if my dependents have other coverage?

Most health and dental plans contain a coordination of benefits provision. This means that if one person is covered by two benefit plans, both companies share responsibility for covering the person’s health care expenses. This avoids the duplicate payment of benefits and helps hold premium costs down.

BPA periodically requests updated information regarding other coverage you and your family members have. Examples of other coverage are:

•  Medicare, either due to age or disability;
•  Group coverage through the employment of another family member;
•  Association group coverage through an organization you or a family member belong to;
•  Student health insurance covering dependent children; or
•  Coverage mandated by a divorce decree, requiring a divorced spouse to carry coverage on certain dependent children.

The information can be mailed or faxed to our Customer Service Department.
The information should include:

•  The name, address, phone number and policy number of the other insurance company or plan;
•  In the case of group or employer coverage, the name of the group or employer;
•  The name and birth date of the person who is listed on the coverage as the primary member or policyholder;
•  The effective date of the coverage;
•  The type of coverage, such as medical or dental; and
•  The names of the family members covered under the plan.

Information returned to BPA by mail can be returned to the address indicated in the letter you received or to:

Benefit Plan Administrators
P.O. Box 1128
Eau Claire, WI 54702-1128

The number for information returned by fax is 715-838-8507. When faxing information to BPA, it is important that you keep a copy of the fax machine’s confirmation record which shows the date, time and phone number you faxed the information from. Our Service Center staff will need this information if you call later to confirm receipt.

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