Consult a Doctor Service Transitioning to Teledoc

Starting on Monday, June 23rd, BPA’s 24/7 Physician Consultations services currently offered through American Health Holdings transitioned from the Consult a Doctor platform to the Teladoc platform.   All clients and groups were transitioned at this time. This transition should be seamless, as the current contact information (1-800-DOC-CONSULT and will remain the same.


The transition to the Teladoc platform will include enhancements such as:

• Teladoc’s physician network being the only one in the industry with NCQA Certification of Credentialing

• Member mobile apps available on both Apple and Android devices

• Client utilization reporting available monthly instead of quarterly

• Website with marketing materials available to download and order hard copies.


Here is what to expect after the transition:

• The current phone number (1-800-DOC-CONSULT or 1-800-362-2667) and URL ( will not change and will redirect to the new Teladoc platform starting June 23.

• All who have signed up will need to re-register with Teladoc by creating a username and password and completing their Medical History Disclosure (MHD). This information will not transition from Consult A Doctor. They can re-register and complete their MHD by phone or online.

Anyone who is new to the Teladoc service after June 23 will receive a Teladoc welcome kit with membership cards. This replaces the Consult A Doctor packet and cards.

Note that Teladoc welcome kits will not be issued to existing members on the Consult A Doctor platform. As stated above, the phone number and URL will remain the same as what is listed on the current card. Thus, members can continue to carry their Consult A Doctor card. Members may also print a new card from the Teladoc website.  BPA is confident that these changes and other changes that happen will enhance your experiences with Teladoc.

Feel Free to contact BPA with any questions about this exciting transition to Teledoc!

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