The BPA Mobile App

The BPA Mobile App is an integrated solution that gives our members all the crucial information seen in their Member Portal. By providing crucial health care information like ID cards, claims status and coverage information straight to our members’ smartphones, BPA strives to offer more value to our members in a convenient and meaningful way.

Our Mobile functionality provides convenient access to plan and benefit information.

The BPA Mobile app allows our member to have at their fingertips

•  Access to their coverage information
•  The ability to view their ID card and display that information
….instantly to their provider
•  The ability to access and view their claims
•  Instant contact with a BPA representative

Ready to get started?

Take these simple next steps to have instant access to your claims.

1.  Visit the Android or Apple app stores.
2.  Search for the App named “BPA Mobile.”
3.  Download the free app.
4.  Now you have BPA at your fingertips.